Inclusion Week

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Kessaris School is proud to have successfully completed the Inclusion Week Project implemented within the framework of the European Programme Inclusive Schools-Erasmus + for social inclusion in the school environment.

Having carried out a number of activities involving teachers and students alike, our school was awarded the Inclusion Week Certificate in recognition of its active participation in the events of the Inclusion Week project.

Appreciating the value of our school project "The Angry Student - Shaking hands with a clenched fist", the British Council comments on the whole effort as follows: 

Your school has brought forward an interesting challenge by working on behavioral disorders, stress, anger and anxiety in the classroom as elements that lead to exclusion in the school environment.

The cooperation between the school psychologist -leading the activities- and the English department -in the role of critical friend- with the overall contribution of teachers looks like a very suitable approach.

Also, very suitable and in the spirit of the project vision; enabling the 4th grade students to act us inclusion ambassadors, through peer-to-peer methodology, for the 2nd graders.

Thanks to the success of our project, Kessaris School is committed to more inclusive action in the future.

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