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English is the main foreign language taught at our school. It is taught on a daily basis, starting in Nursery School and continuing throughout all levels. The aim is for students to obtain certificates at various levels up to level C2 Proficiency in Lyceum. Our experienced teaching staff and our extensive teaching program ensures foreign language learning without any additional lessons, whether that be at a private foreign language school or private tuition at home. Our students have a high success rate in the Cambridge and Michigan examinations.

In Lyceum, students are divided into small groups depending on their individual level and needs.
In Primary School, there are bilingual classes for students who are native speakers. In Lyceum, when students have completed and gained their C2 qualifications, they are placed in classes which prepare them for oratory competitions which include debate, duet acting and impromptu speaking, group discussion and oratory. Also, they have the opportunity to compete in the Panhellenic Forensics competition against other schools.

Second Foreign Language

From 4th grade upwards, students learn a second foreign language. They choose among French, German and Spanish. In Lyceum, students are divided into small groups depending on their level. They are well prepared for their exams and our school has a very high success rate in the certificates undertaken.

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