ekpaideytiko programma gymnasio


The educational program of the School has been enriched by a variety of activities and means to provide multifaceted education to our students.

  • 35 teaching hours a week.
  • 5 teaching hours of English a week in small, homogeneous groups with the aim of obtaining diplomas.
  • The choice of a second foreign language (French, German or Spanish).
  • Interdisciplinary research work.
  • School clubs (theater, journalism, sports, etc.)
  • Sports teams and swimming.
  • Art.
  • Cultural, environmental and sports activities and visits.

Curriculum Enrichment

  • Foreign Languages

    All students of English in the Gymnasium are evaluated by means of a written placement test and an oral interview and are grouped in small, homogeneous classes. Our experienced teachers and our program ensure language acquisition without the need for additional lessons in language schools. Our students take the exams for the Cambridge and Michigan diplomas with very high success rates.

    As far as the second foreign language is concerned, students are grouped in small beginner or advanced classes (in Spanish there are only advanced classes) and they have the opportunity to take exams for the acquisition of diplomas.

  • Music

    The music course is adapted to the physical, perceptual, expressive and communicative skills of the students, depending on their age. There is an interdisciplinary holistic approach to music.

    At the secondary level, students come into contact with the theoretical background of music (historical, social, etc.) Having mastered abstract thought, students can now grasp complex concepts and make subtle aesthetic differentiations using basic knowledge of music, notation, theory and morphology. In this way, they are able to proceed with a more complete analysis of the structure of musical works and a deeper understanding of the social and cultural circumstances in which these works were created.

  • Art

    The purpose of teaching art is to familiarize the students with visual arts, enrich their knowledge and understanding of the phenomena of art so they can appreciate and create art.

    We aim for our students to:

    • Become familiar with the use of materials, tools and resources in a variety of art forms.
    • Understand, have critical thought and analyze the works of art and art in general.
    • Use the visual arts in conjunction with other subjects.
    • Demonstrate their skills in individual and collective artistic projects.
    • Exhibit their artwork.

  • Sports

    The aim of sports activities is to assist students to find and maintain mental, physical, spiritual and emotional balance.

    The objectives of the Physical Education program are:

    • To learn the basic techniques of sports and to prepare for participation in team and individual events.

    • To cultivate kinetic expression.

    • To preserve traditions by learning folk dances and traditional games.

    • To achieve physical fitness.

    • To develop collective values and principles such as cooperation, honesty ("fair play") and self-discipline.

  • Projects

    Both research and experience have taught us that the best way for someone to learn is to be actively involved in the subject. For this reason, we assign our students projects (in a group or individual level) based on the subjects they are taught. For the most part, the completed projects are presented to classmates and parents, giving students the opportunity to cultivate their capacity for public presentation.

  • Digital Education

    21st century skills, including digital literacy are an important part of our educational program.To facilitate this, our school:

    • Has modern equipment in all classrooms with interactive whiteboards, computers and projectors.

    • Has introduced the use of tablets preloaded with educational material that was created specifically for our students by our trained staff to meet the needs of our students.

    • Constantly trains teachers in technology connectivity issues in teaching.

    • Creatively engages students, enabling them to work in learning computing environments.

    • Provides additional learning through distance education (e-learning) with platform operation in which students can Find full supporting course materials including video lessons, presentations, interactive exercises, self-assessment tests etc.

  • School Vocational Guidance

    At Kessaris School, with seriousness and professionalism, we help our students to make the best study and profession choices and properly plan their career. With individual and group counseling in the classroom or in personal meetings, expert associates of our school highlight the capabilities and inclinations of each child.

    In the Gymnasium, the vocational guidance activities focus on self-awareness and are aimed at developing students' personality and the realization of their potential. At the same time, students are informed about the Lyceum courses, educational orientations and the examination system.

    Career Gate 17R Test

    Kessaris School is an accredited center for the administration of the Career Gate 17R Test, which is a recognized test that investigates the educational and professional interests of students. They have been tested for reliability and validity, are user-friendly and the resulting report clearly states the students’ educational and professional profile, inclinations and talents.

    With continuous training, the teachers responsible for the program evaluate career interests and the Career Gate 17K Test, interpret the results and advise students.

    Presentations by Professionals

    Kessaris School believes in experiential learning ,and for this reason ,distinguished professionals from all walks of life are invited to our school to talk to our students about their studies and professional development.

  • Optional Activites

    Theatre Club

    With the guidance of experienced and specialized teachers, the theater group of the Gymnasium - Lyceum "Ark of Dreams" prepares and presents plays by Greek and foreign playwrights. At the same time, their participation in organized performances enhances the students’ ability to work as a team. Finally, acting in plays significantly boosts students’ confidence.

    Athletics Club

    With the guidance of experienced coaches, our football, basketball, volleyball and swimming teams enrich their knowledge of the tactics of sports and participate in inter school competitions. They develop their physical condition and cultivate principles and values such as cooperation, honesty in the game, discipline and fighting spirit.

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