drastirioitites paidikos stathmos

Programs & Field Trips

The content of the morning program is enriched and supplemented with educational visits, experiential educational programs and cultural, educational, sports and recreational activities designed to promote experiential learning.

Depending on their level of education, students participate in some or all of the following:

Field Trips

The knowledge that children acquire through the learning process at school is assimilated in an experiential manner through a series of visits of educational interest to places such as museums, laboratories and archaeological sites. There, they are given the opportunity to come into contact with issues related to history and science, after having been given the information and done the appropriate preparation so to benefit to the maximum from this experience.

Experiential Educational Programs

Students of all grades participate in experiential educational programs conducted in schools in collaboration with leading organizations. They attend educational lectures, participate in discussions and experiential learning activities and come in contact with an enriched audiovisual material, resulting in the consolidation of knowledge in a pleasant way.

Cultural Activities

Selected theater performances, film screenings, musical tributes, exhibitions and many other activities  provide an opportunity to our students to come into contact with their culture and to love art.


Day trips, multi-day trips, sports matches and a variety of other recreational activities are part of the activities program whose purpose  is to entertain and enable our students to relax.

School in Nature

Students carry out part of their activities on the school premises next to the main building. They work under the shade of the trees where they enjoy the smells and sounds of the forest. Equipped with magnifying lenses, pincers, compasses, etc., and depending on their age and always under the supervision of their teachers, students do projects, expand on the material in their books and gather new material for their assignments.

Additionally, through their involvement in gardening in the school yard, students are in direct contact with nature and experientially develop their relationship with it learning how people take advantage of the plants for nourishment.

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