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Digital Education

Our approach towards digital education focuses on the following objectives:

  • Incorporation of technological innovations in the educational process in all classes and levels.

  • Digitization of educational material and the ability for both students and parents to have full access to it.

  • Creation and utilization of multimedia educational material enriched with animation, videos, hyperlinks etc.

  • Expansion of educational capabilities through e-learning.

The educational approaches that we embrace concerning digital education are the following:

  • Use of a technologically advanced infrastructure which consists of interactive whiteboards, video projectors, peripheral devices, laptops and internet access in all classrooms.

  • Training of our teachers on an annual basis in order for them to have an in depth knowledge of all the new pedagogical approaches and how best to incorporate them in the lessons.

  • Adoption of cutting edge educational methods which aim at the essential, active and enthusiastic participation of the students in the educational process.

  • Utilization of a number of applications which function as tools to enable the students to develop critical thinking and skills which will facilitate a higher level of learning.

  • Utilization of an original online platform which reinforces knowledge, since it allows students to watch a presentation of the daily lessons wherever they are. Moreover, it provides access to digitalized supportive study material while it simultaneously offers students the opportunity for further practice through a series of online exercises and tests (Junior High School, High School).

Platform for further education

All the students of Junior High School and High School can use the material that has been organized and uploaded on an educational platform (moodle). The aforementioned material includes presentations, video lessons, knowledge assessment, online tests etc. It covers a series of lessons and aims to support and organize the way students study at home.

E-update on students’ performance

Our school has adopted an innovative, for Greek standards, system of informing parents about their children's performance.A personal code is allocated for each student which assures that a safe, thorough and continuous update can be achieved effortlessly and swiftly wherever parents might be.It also applies to all mobile devices. The platform is available for students attending Junior High School and High School.      

ipads sto dimotiko

ta ipads sto dimotiko

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ta tablets sto gymnasio

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