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School Certifications

Certification ISO

Kessaris school has been certified with the ISO certification by the internationally recognized organization for Standardization TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS for the quality management system our school applies.

The EN ISO 9001:2015 concerns “Provision of Primary and Secondary School Educative Services “and provides confirmation that we maintain security, hygiene and the correct functioning of all the facilities of our school (swimming pool, classrooms, labs, common areas) as well as the proper maintenance of the school buses. Moreover, it verifies that we support the continuous training of our teachers on a wide range of educative issues. At the same time, all the employees follow the same work pattern concerning writing down, checking and dealing with issues being raised. Furthermore, the ‘Certification of School Playground Safety ‘guarantees the excellent state of the equipment, its correct fitting and security for our students. Finally, what is also certified is that the cleaning staff conducts proper and regular cleaning of the school premises.

In spite of our school’s above mentioned success, we continue to improve ourselves in doing what we love most, offering of knowledge in an ideal setting.

Accredited UCAS Center

Our school is an accredited UCAS (University College Admissions Services) center and our counselor has been trained by the British Council and received the relevant accreditation. So far, we have successfully helped our students to become accepted by some of the top British Universities. In addition, our school is among few Greek schools listed on the Global Advisors List (GAL) (www.bcagent.info/gal).

Having a UCAS accredited center on the school premises, allows our students to have ongoing study guidance and they can be promptly informed of any changes concerning university entry requirements.

Certification Vellum

Vellum Global Education Services S.A is one of the leading information Technology Qualification providers in Europe. It offers syllabus and assessment programs and provides candidates with the mechanism to acquire diplomas called “Vellum Diplomas in IT Skills”.

Vellum Global Educational Services S.A offers a wide and ever increasing range of IT certificates related to progressive and pioneering applications. These diplomas cover both initial - basic skills and the more specialized skills, which are associated with innovative and sought after applications. The 20 Computer certificates certify the owners’ knowledge giving them competitive advantage in the job market.
All certificates evaluate students on a number of classification criteria including content quality, interactivity and combination questions aiming at interesting and effective evaluation.

Job possibilities for holders of Vellum IT certificates spanning a wide range of subjects, cover the needs of the job market while intensifying teaching and research at a theoretical and practical level as well as research, supervision, evaluation, maintenance and implementation of expertise tests relevant to each skill.

eSafety Certification

The eSafety certification is a program developed by European Schoolnet in collaboration with other bodies. This specific certification operates online through its portal and aims to help our school to incorporate Information Technology and communications in Education. In addition, it is fitted with sources and tools which improve the level of security offered while online.

Through tools the program has at its disposal, our school implements a clear plan of action for using the internet safely so as to effectively exploit Information Technology and Communications in establishing knowledge. Furthermore, the program gives teachers the opportunity to communicate, share educative material and experiences and provides support by experts.

The eSafety label is not only a means of access to information and tools, but it is also a certification which has been given to our school since 2014. The school submits an evaluation form on the program’s Web site every year.

Digital Education Award

Our school was awarded the first prize in the Digital Education in the Education Business Awards 2016 organized by Marketing Week an HR Professional. According to a renowned board of judges, our school exploits digital education effectively, offers our teachers internet services as well as digital and interactive educative material, intensifies and enriches the learning experience and promotes digital education. This distinction is one more proof of our teachers’ endeavors for the exploitation of technology with the benefit of our students in mind.

International School Award

Our school received the British Council’s International School Award, an internationally acknowledged accreditation that recognises our commitment to developing global citizenship in young people embedding international learning into the curriculum.

To gain this award, our school submitted evidence of its international activities and the impact this had in the school community as well as collaborations with partner schools through projects, activities and communication.

Bravo Schools 2022

Once again, Kessaris School, having competed with 351 schools, has been awarded a distinction for the Innovative Lesson Plan “Unusual Schools”  attended by Gymnasium students in the Panhellenic School Competition Bravo Schools 2022.

Owing to this success, Kessaris school remains a member of the Network of UN School Ambassadors for Sustainable Development (in action SGDs Schools Club), as well as a part of a Global Network of Schools.

"Gold Preparation Centre Certificate"

Over the last academic year, we have prepared and registered more than 80 candidates for Cambridge English Qualifications. In recognition of our support towards Cambridge English examinations over the last year, we are provided with the Gold Preparation Centre Certificate.

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