stoxoi dimotiko


To achieve our goals in Primary school we use methods that motivate the students and involve them in the learning process. Our main objective is to provide the best possible education and to enhance a balanced and all-round development of our students’ personalities at a cognitive, emotional and psychokinetic level.

We create the conditions and the environment to achieve:

  • Effective and correct use of oral and writing skills.
  • Understanding and use of basic mathematical concepts.
  • Acquisition of technological and digital knowledge.
  • Learning of foreign languages.
  • Development of critical thinking and rational perception.
  • Socialization and development of harmonious interpersonal relationships.
  • Discovery and cultivation of individual talents.
  • Awareness of social and environmental issues.
  • Development of the awareness of democratic values.
  • Development of aesthetic criteria in order to facilitate the appreciation of culture and art.

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