ekpaideytiko  programma paidikos stathmos


Our nursery school implements the child-centered approach to learning in which a child is placed at the center of the educational procedure and is able to develop communication and cooperation as well as social, mental, sensory, kinetic and linguistic skills through game.

Our program aims to create a secure environment and is monitored by experienced teachers with excellent academic backgrounds.

Curriculum Enrichment

  • Foreign Languages

    Children come in contact with the English language on a daily basis through activities, games and songs. Thus, they become familiar with the use of the language in a pleasant and entertaining way.

  • Drama

    The drama course enables children to express themselves giving vent to thoughts, feelings and concerns by means of role-play. At the same time, participation in well-organized performances strengthens their ability to function in a team in a coordinated way.

  • Music

    The course is adapted to the kinetic, conceptual, expression and communication skills of children that are subject to change depending on their age. Its goal is the holistic approach to music through interdisciplinary means.

    The elements of music (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony) are taught and experienced in practice by using the body. Children are taught to recognize, distinguish, classify and finally use the sounds. Thus, teaching is transformed into a game and children experiment with sound, music and their bodies. The exploration of the possibilities of voice and instruments as well as active listening and response to sounds through movement, drawing, abstract representation and improvisation are only some of the methods used.

  • Art

    Through modes of creative expression such as painting and arts and crafts and with a fervent desire to create:

    • We cultivate children’s creativity.
    • We encourage the use of various materials, means and tools.
    • We use Art as a means to access cognitive themes.

  • Sports

    Through a number of music-kinetic games pupils discover their body and its possibilities, their balance and agility.

  • Projects

    In our nursery school children carry out a number of tasks, on their own or in groups, using their imagination and artistic expression aiming at the understanding and assimilation of different cognitive themes. This contributes decisively to the sharpening of skills, the cultivation of cooperation and team work as well as the acquisition of knowledge. At the same time, it entertains in a creative way.

  • Digital Education

    Working on the interactive board children develop a number of interpersonal skills. Cooperation and responsibility are promoted while interacting with the e-learning material intensifies the joy of creation. Moreover, connection between technology and cognitive themes is activated.

  • Optional Activities

    After school, pupils can participate in activities of their choice avoiding transportation by parents to sports clubs, etc.

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