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History & Core Values


Kessaris School was founded in 1960 in Paleo Faliro by Mr. Andreas Kessaris (1926-2017). He envisioned a school with a family environment that maintains personal relationships with its students and their families. Over the years, the school has evolved into a very modern academic institution. High educational standards and successful endeavors in every field have been achieved due to its innovative teaching methods and diligent teaching staff.

Since 1995, Kessaris School has been located in Vari, Attiki, in an idyllic rural area covering 35 acres. All levels of education are taught on these premises from Nursery School to Lyceum. The strong family relationship of Kessaris School combined with the latest technological infrastructure and modern teaching practices provide a safe environment, rich in learning stimuli that guarantees ideal conditions for a modern and effective education. 

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Core Values

Our school focuses on:

  • The cultivation of future and global citizens and not on rigid education and unimaginative training

  • The multidisciplinary - interdisciplinary approach to knowledge.

  • Promoting children's creativity.

  • Learning through educational experiences and team cooperation.

Our teachers always stand by our students:

  • Reinforcing their efforts with personalized help.

  • Offering psycho-emotional support.

  • Ensuring excellent communication with the family, whom we consider a valuable partner in our educational system.

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