• When do students start learning English?

    From nursery school upwards our students come in contact with the English language on a daily basis through activities, games and songs. Thus, they become familiar with the use of the language in a pleasant and entertaining way.

  • Is there a bilingual class for bilingual students?

    Yes, in Primary school our bilingual students are placed in a special class. A placement interview takes place which determines if the student is suitable for the specific class.

  • Is attending a private institute for foreign languages necessary for obtaining language certificates?

    No. The preparation done at school equals the preparation done by a very good private institute for foreign languages. A student following our program with consistency does not need any extra tutoring.

  • When do students start learning a second foreign language?

    In the fifth grade our students have the opportunity to choose between French, German and Spanish which are taught in small group classes.

  • Can a student change his/her mind concerning his/her first choice of Second Foreign Language?

    Yes. The student has that option in the first grade of Gymnasium provided that there is a class corresponding to his or her level of competency in the chosen language.

  • Is technology involved in the teaching of foreign languages?

    Yes, lessons are done with the help of an interactive board and the most recent course books. The combination of print and digital resources aims to give the motivation, support and challenge students need to achieve their potential.

  • What happens when a student obtains all the language certificates in English?

    In Lyceum these students have the opportunity to take part in a forensic competition (a contest between individuals or teams in various argument and advocacy skills) conducted in English. Forensic competitions help develop the research, analysis, and persuasion abilities of student participants. They help students become effective communicators, an essential skill typically required by all employers.

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