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Planning to send my UKAS application and thinking about different courses and career options, my mind has been set on studying Anthropology.

So far, I haven’t met any Anthropology students or graduates but after a few searches in Google I found out that Anthropology is not a sister of Archeology as I used to think. In other words, it is not only about fossils, bones or human history but it has a scientific character and crops up in many different scientific fields, such as history, sociology, linguistics, art history and psychology. This way, studying Anthropology, I will have the opportunity to satisfy all the interests I have in the above fields whilst seeing their relationship.

In specific, I’m interested in human development, people’s perspectives, beliefs and practices, how people adapt to environments, communicate and socialize with one another, how evolution and progress shaped and changed the way we feel and what makes us uniquely human. Moreover, I’m interested in world events, economic development, politics, globalization, social security matters, mutual understanding, and history of ideas. I’m also fond of foreign languages as well as extinct ones. In general, I’m keen on learning about different ways people communicate, co-exist and integrate.

As a personality, I like observing, asking questions, sorting through massive amounts of data, collecting info, making connections and showing that the info I have collected is meaningful to the subject I investigate. Furthermore, I like interpersonal interaction, smoothing things into a company, showing compassion and integrating people in a group. I’m also interested in human rights, indigenous people and strange societies coming from the past, customs and beliefs, institutions like religion or family and how they fitted together to create a society. Overall, I think that all the above interests and skills will find perfect home in the study of Anthropology since it is interested in human development throughout the world, past and present.

Throughout my school life, I had the opportunity to do relevant projects and assignments gaining awards and fruitful experience. I also had the chance to experience teamwork representing my school in various competitions organized in my country and travel abroad with my school and my family to meet foreign cultures, perspectives and attitudes. Speaking three languages and appreciating music (I’ve been playing the guitar since the age of 9) and Art I think that Anthropology will best fit my interests, skills and talents.

Therefore, I would be glad and honored to get an offer by your University, since this way I will have the opportunity to study this course, realize my dream and explore the field further.

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