Inclusive Schools


Valuing inclusivity and supporting the creation of a learning environment where every student has an opportunity to succeed, Kessaris School took part in an online training course for inclusion ambassadors as well as ‘21st Century Schools: The road to inclusion’, an inclusive education policy dialogue event organized by The Inclusive Schools partnership (British Council, LLLP, OBESSU, ScotDec, ACPP, EiC, IEP).

Inclusive Schools supports the creation of an environment in schools where teachers and young people embrace and welcome the challenges and benefits of diversity.

The online events brought together policy makers and educational practitioners in conferences that consisted of a panel of experts, interactions with the audience and break-out sessions with representatives of project stakeholders (teachers, education consultants, school leaders, experts, academics, policy makers etc.).

Our school proudly shared its’ experience in the field, from everyday stories of inclusion in the classroom to good practices for improving school inclusion strategies. Also, it had the opportunity to present the theme of the Inclusion Week specially designed by the psychologist of our school, Ms. Katerina Chotzoglou with the help of the English Department whose role is to encourage, assist and maximise the success of the project and received positive feedback.

Having attended the online events, Kessaris School will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

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