Virtual Tour of Kessaris School

eikoniki ksenagisi

We are pleased to invite you to take a 3600 virtual tour of Kessaris School. Experience our beautifully landscaped and environmentally protected campus, its state-of-the-art athletic and technology facilities, modern classrooms equipped with learning aids that meet the requirements of a digital school, laboratories and elegant premises used by the entire school community.

Kindergarten and Nursery

Here are highlights from Kindergarten and Nursery. Every day, children get involved in group projects, interactive lessons, art events and ground breaking movement-based educational games.

Primary School

Find out how our Primary School students explore their creative talents in a dedicated arts and crafts center, and benefit from an IT room, music room, a space for movement and dance, and separate playgrounds. Early Years students enjoy a separate play area.

Here are highlights from our Primary School. Every day, children do group projects, interactive lessons, arts and crafts, robotics and sports. They also attend art and science programmes where they are encouraged to participate, develop their skills and excel.

Gymnasium and Lyceum

Our Gymnasium and Lyceum facilities are set up to support students as they study a wide range of subjects. There are rooms for robotics, computer technology, art and design, music and drama. Students can explore the wonders of science in a science laboratory, or revise in a dedicated study room.

Here are highlights from Gymnasium and Lyceum. Every day, students get involved in group projects, interactive lessons, art events, debating, robotics, foreign language projects, career workshops and sports. 

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