Life Lessons

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Looking forward to enhancing students' social and emotional skills, we introduced the "Life Lessons" educational programme into the Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School curriculum. According to the principles of socio-emotional learning, the child acquires the skill to recognize and manage his or her emotions, to solve problems effectively and to develop positive relationships with others by respecting opposing views and making connections.

Our aim lies in empowering children’s emotions, stimulating cooperation among them, improving their public speaking skills, boosting their intrinsic motivation and shaping their values.

The "Life Lessons" programme consists of the following topics:

  • Class/ group rules
  • Emotion Recognition and Emotional Control
  • Communication / cooperation / good behavior / friendship
  • Conflict resolution / aggression and victimization
  • Family
  • Truth and lie
  • Autonomy and Self-image

Children learn about the topics through classroom discussion, sharing of experiences, reading books, role play, pantomime, painting.

The programme is designed, conducted and coordinated by our school psychologist, Ms. Hodzoglou, in collaboration with the teacher of each class.

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