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Career Counseling

The Career Counseling Department of our school plans and implements the following actions, specially designed in order to provide students who are reflecting on themselves in search of their talents and skills with more effective guidance and richer stimuli:

  • Morning experiential seminars focusing on educational and professional perspectives, career goals, interview skills training and CV cover letter writing.
  • Open door mentoring at pre-arranged morning & afternoon sessions conducted by Mr. Apostolides and Mrs. Giannakoura - Taylor, certified Consultants of Studies and Career Counseling. This is a personalized career guidance program specially designed to motivate and inspire students to identify their values, a determining factor when designing and selecting studies and careers. It includes short questionnaires as well as discussion with mentors, who finally draw up a profile of the student's skills and discuss the results of the test with the student’s parents.
  • Career Gate Test K.17, specially designed to explore and assess personality traits. Specifically, this modern, internationally recognized career guidance test accurately measures personality qualities, preferences and professions that suit a student. It is a user-friendly, quick, on line test done on the school premises. The Consultants evaluate the students’ responses and the results are later discussed with the parent and the student. Finally, the resulting report clearly shows the students’ educational and professional profiles, inclinations and talents.
  • "I choose"- a study and career guide compiled by the training and career counseling company Employ, with which we cooperate in matters of training. It contains up-to-date information and all the data we need to have a complete picture of the academic world.
  • Filling in and submission of PanHellenic Data Sheet with the help of special software that determines the candidates’ probable success or failure and reflects their order of preference, so that our students can feel secure and confident when deciding the universities they want to attend.
  • Personalized Support and Preparation for candidates who apply to universities overseas by means of on line communication, applications and letters of recommendation written by Mrs. James, Certified UCAS Advisor, and through personal interview training conducted by Mrs. Giannakoura-Taylor, HR-Career Advisor.
  • Cooperation with the Youth Entrepreneurship Association in order to develop "Virtual Business", an educational program based on the principle of learning through experience. It is a group activity in which students cultivate their business thinking, understand basic economic concepts, and finally present their business plan in a competition where they are rewarded.
  • Cooperation with Learning Business, which brings our students into contact with experienced executives of large companies as well as their workplace.
  • Visits to Universities where children attend courses and are informed about different faculties, departments and curricula. In addition, every year representatives of the most popular European universities visit our school to inform our students about their courses, departments and curricula, too.
  • "We Plan Our Future" workshops conducted by distinguished scientists, successful professionals and our school graduates who, in an experiential manner, share their knowledge and experience with our students and their parents.

  • School Year 2018-2019

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